Cherry Blossom + Flower Blazer

After 9 years later I got an opportunity to visited Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  With so much rain and  cool weather it didn't do much for this year Cherry Blossom.  When I went there, there wasn't much Cherry Blossom in full bloom either.  I was only able to capture a few trees here and there.  I enjoyed a new stroll through the garden and able to take some family pictures.

Finally I was able to sport my flowery blazer.  I had no idea how to style it, but finally I'm glad that this blazer worked out in my flavor.  This blazer is very light and easy to wear.  At first  I was hesitating should I keep it. I'm glad I attempt on wearing it and it's truly a keeper now.

How do you sport your blazer? 

Missing: Long Hair

These are some of my previous photos over the years that I took while having long hair.  I'm currently missing my long hair. I used to have long luscious dark and  thick hair.  I miss that I can't curl or style the way I want to.  With short hair there's not much I can do at this point.  The main reason why I chopped my hair was because it was easy to manage.  I don't have a lot of time to style my hair with a screaming baby on the loose these days.  Here is my current short hair, kinda of bum that I had to go this route.

Hopefully my short hair will grow on me and eventually I will start enjoying it more.  Having long hair can be a disadvantage at times because it takes a long time for me to dry my hair.  I guess a new change isn't so bad either. 

Smorgasburg: Brooklyn

Raindrop Cake - $8 Dollars
Finally the outdoor Smorgasburg Brooklyn has opened, it was their first day opening.  Unfortunately the weather didn't helped at all while trying new vendors.  With much hypes and anticipation majority of the people flocked over the Raindrop Cake that looks like a dew drop.  It's actually a Japanese dessert that made from water and drizzle of brown sugar syrup and a dusting of kinako, or roasted soybean flour.  My first impression, I personally think it's tasteless and tasted like water.  I guess it's probably me that I can't enjoy the art of this dessert and for $8 bucks it's wasn't worth the hype.  At least I tried and it'll be my last time.   
Wowfulls - Chocolate Egg Waffle with Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream with Banana Pocky

I can never say no to Wowfulls, this is my all time favorite vendor.  This vendor started out at industry city Smorgasburg and finally this is their first time outdoor appearance. I grew up eating Hong Kong egg waffles when I was a kid and topping it off with ice cream and pocky sticks certainly makes me feel like a kid again.  Below are some of other types of food I ordered and I highly recommend that you should check this place out.  It's a nice fun outdoor experience with family and friends.  I'm hoping the weather will get better eventually and it'll be a nice picnic outing. 

Now Open Every Saturday • Saturday 11am-6pm • All Food • 100 Vendors 
East River State Park (90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St.)

Instagram Roundup

Here's my Instagram Roundup, recently I've been really enjoying sweets and definitely will get back in shape soon.  Since the weather is getting warmer I will definitely start running again.  Got an opportunity to try a new places around the city.  

First row - I got the opportunity to try this Indo-Chinese restaurant called Kurry Pavilion, it's a mix of Indian and Chinese restaurant.  I ordered the  Chicken Tikka Masala and my husband ordered the Chicken Biryani and Chicken Lollipops

Second row - I went and venture in Brooklyn and tired this placed called 91th Fried Ice Cream Yogurt.  Not sure why it's called 91th, shouldn't it be 91st.  I ordered the Green Tea Thai-Style Ice Cream Roll.  Was too tired to cook lunch so I decided to order some sushi cause I had a sushi craving and lastly I'm always loving my Pies 'n' Thighs doughnut. 

Third Row - Got an opportunity to try Eggloo; a Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles with green tea ice cream, mochi, condensed milk syrup, strawberry and green tea pocky.  I finally got a Sailormoon figure sitting on my computer table.   Visited Maison Kayser NYC and this place was filled with sweets, hopefully one day I'll get to try it.  Just window sweet shopping! 

Fourth Row - Was nice enough to have an opportunity to have some me time for myself so I stopped by Byrant Park and took a pic of a Carousel.  Cooked lunch for myself pork belly Korean style and lastly still trying to finish this book called Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.  

So that's my instagram feed adventure.  What is yours? 

What's in my closet

Trying to see what I can match up in my closet matched with plaidsweater, a black skirt & black boots
Sweater and boots are from Modcloth and skirt is from Shopruche 
Purse is meliebianco

Ever since I gave birth I haven't really been shopping at all lately and I promised myself to not to get anymore clothes for a while.  I even have clothes with tags on them and never been worn.  Now that I've notice I've been shopping too much.  Additionally I don't even have an opportunity to wear them simply because I don't have any special occasion to attend to and majority of the time I'm home with my 8 month year old.  Ever since I gave birth I haven't gotten the mood to play dress up anymore.  I find dressing a little tiresome, but I promised myself to dress up more for myself in the long run.  Recently I've been compiling some outfits together in what's in my closet, so I can get a better idea what to wear in the future.   There are times I'm always in a rush and I don't have time to put together any pieces. 
I'm loving this Cat Dress and matching it with cross body bag and black boots
Dress is from Shopruch • Boots is from Modcloth • Purse from meliebianco

Can't wait to Spring come soon, this will make a nice Wedding or Easter outfit occasion matching with a black pumps • Dress is from modcloth
Hopefully with this project it'll help me in the long run. Hope this project will inspire you to put together matching outfits as well.


Over the weekend I got the opportunity to try a new restaurant in New York City called Oiji located in East Village.  Oiji is a Korean Restaurant that serves authentic Korean cuisine with modern cooking techniques. The interior decor was very modern dim lit type of restaurant, which can be set comfortably causal or can be romantic atmosphere.

My order consist of: 
• Fried Chicken with spicy soy vinaigrette
• Homemade Tofu with scallion soy vinaigrette
• Slow Cooked Oxtail with root vegetables
• Gochujang Braised Chicken with winter vegetables
• Truffle Seafood broth with sizzling crispy rice

 Fried Chicken with spicy soy vinaigrette - I really enjoy the Fried Chicken, the fried texture and the meat really comprehend well together.

Homemade Tofu with scallion soy vinaigrette - Not a big fan of this dish, I felt that this dish was processed into a blender making this dish awfully dry. 

Slow Cooked Oxtail with root vegetables - Unfortunately I didn't get to try this, but my husband said it was pretty good.  The meat was soft and has a nice flavor to it.
Gochujang Braised Chicken with winter vegetables - It's very well braised and the chicken is very soft that the meat falls off on it's own, however, the sauce is spicy.  I feel that this dish is more of an indian/chicken masala  type of dish than a Korean dish.  I really don't taste the

Truffle Seafood broth with sizzling crispy rice - I ordered this dish and it took pretty long to arrive.  I really enjoyed my main dish, the crispy rice was really good, I really like the texture and the flavor especially when you infuse the crispy rice to the soup it adds a good combo flavor to it.  The seafood was very good and fresh, however the portion was small.  This dish will taste great on a cold winter day.
Overall it was a great experience of trying this new place and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The food was very delicious and felt very homey.  I highly recommend that you check out this restaurant, however, want to inform you that this restaurant doesn't take walk-ins.  You have to make a reservation in advance.

OIJI • 119 1ST AVE • NEW YORK, NY • 10003

Mille-Feuille Bakery: Macaron Class

The teacher explaining that you can make varies sizes of Macarons

Over the weekend I took a Macaron Class at Mille-Feuille Bakery, it's one of those baking classes that was offering through Groupon.  I wanted to do something and give myself some time from taking care of my baby girl.  I enjoy baking whenever I have the time and I love whipping up stuff in my kitchen.  I like to try to experiment new things whenever I have the chance to.  The class was very fun and informative, you get to demonstrate on how to make your own perfect macarons. The instructions very easy to follow. The flavors that we made was Vanilla, Chocolate and Pistachios. For 2 hours class it was worth making 25 macarons and enjoying at home leisurely. Hopefully whenever I have the time in the future I would like to try to make my own macarons in my own kitchen...

Have you try making Macarons before and how did it turn out?